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I've got a collection of hidden fields in my form.

<ul id="user_roles">
  <li><hidden field value="role1"></li>
  <li><hidden field value="role2"></li>

I use jQuery (and data-prototype) to add new roles.

The problem is that I would like to render something like this:

<ul id="user_roles">
  <li>role1 <hidden field value="role1"></li>
  <li>role2 <hidden field value="role2"></li>

No problem with the initial rendering: i just put:

{% for role in roles %}
 <li> {{ role }} {{ form_row(role) }} </li>
{% endfor %}

But the default data-prototype will render only {{ form_row(role) }} (a hidden field).

Where am I supposed to change the default data-prototype?

There is no {% block prototype %} in form_div_layout.html that i could customize....

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The collection widget is defined as follows:

{% block collection_widget %}
{% spaceless %}
    {% if prototype is defined %}
        {% set attr = attr|merge({'data-prototype': form_row(prototype) }) %}
    {% endif %}
    {{ block('form_widget') }}
{% endspaceless %}
{% endblock collection_widget %}

So you can override this to gain control on how you want to rendre the prototype.

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You can also access prototype from inside template by calling roles.vars.prototype and use it later in your JS. If you want to put it into data-prototype attribute of div (as it is normally rendered) you have to remember to escape it:

<div data-prototype="{{ form_row(roles.vars.prototype) | escape }}">
  {% for role in roles %}
    <li> {{ role }} {{ form_row(role) }} </li>
  {% endfor %}
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