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As per this example provided in the groovy site, I have tried to implement an exactly same XML RPC Server on my eclipse.

import groovy.net.xmlrpc.*
import java.net.ServerSocket

def server = new XMLRPCServer()
server.echo = {return it}
def serverSocket = new ServerSocket( 9004 )

The above code will launch a server on 9004 only when I run from groovy console. When I run the same from Eclipse it fails to run and shows the following exception

Caught: groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: echo for class: groovy.net.xmlrpc.XMLRPCServer
    at GServer.run(GServer.groovy:7)

Perhaps it is unable to understand the dynamic addition of the new property called echo but I am not sure. How can I fix this?

PS : I am running Eclipse Galileo 3.5

Groovy eclipse plugin installed

Groovy xml rpc jar is on the classpath

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There were some bugs with the launcher in the Groovy-Eclipse that ran on Eclipse 3.5. I'd recommend that you upgrade to Groovy-Eclipse 2.6.0 on Eclipse 3.7. I'd bet that your problem would go away.

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