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I've tried to configure a gaelyk project in eclipse using the gradle script of the template project and always failed. to do this I use the following command: gradlew cleanEclipse eclipse

All the packeges seems correctly downloaded, the .project and .classpath files are created but I always fint this error on the project:

The App Engine SDK 'C:\Users\username\.gradle\caches\artifacts\com.google.appengine\appengine-api-1.0-sdk\c12498cf18507aa6433a94eb7d3e77d5\jars\appengine-api-1.0-sdk-1.6.1.jar' on the project's build path is not valid
(SDK location 'C:\Users\username\.gradle\caches\artifacts\com.google.appengine\appengine-api-1.0-sdk\c12498cf18507aa6433a94eb7d3e77d5\jars\appengine-api-1.0-sdk-1.6.1.jar' is not a directory)

It seems that the appengine SDK is specified uncorrectly in the .classpath/.project files. I've installed eclipse Indigo and the last version of the google plugin for eclipse

How can I fix it?

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I think you mean gradlew cleanEclipse eclipse. What Google plugin? In case you mean the STS Gradle plugin, that's an alternative to gradlew cleanEclipse eclipse. –  Peter Niederwieser Feb 6 '12 at 12:25
yup! the command is that one: I'm editing the question for clarity. the plugin is the google plugin for eclipse: code.google.com/eclipse –  pbanfi Feb 6 '12 at 13:25
I suggest to ask the Gaelyk devs. Not sure if the Eclipse project generated by the Gradle build is meant to be used together with the Google plugin. –  Peter Niederwieser Feb 6 '12 at 22:28

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I am personally not using Eclipse for Gaelyk development. Therefore, I am not sure if the existing Eclipse configuration in the Gradle build script of the template project will work with the Google plugin.

However, a while ago I got a pull request for the Gradle GAE plugin to integrate with the Eclipse plugin. I had turned it down because it's too specific and it would lead to potentially a lot of bugs to the Gradle plugin as the Google configuration might change. The author was planning to creating a separate plugin for it so you can try to ping him.

I also know of another Gradle plugin that might help you here. Also try to post your question the Gaelyk mailing list.

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