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I'd like to add comments for a few packages in a pip requirements file. (Just to explain why that package is on the list.) Can I do this?

I'm imagining something like

Babel==0.9.5 # translation
CherryPy==3.2.0 # web server
Creoleparser==0.7.1 # wiki formatting
Genshi==0.5.1 # templating
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Sure, you can, based on pip docs:

A line that begins with # is treated as a comment and ignored. Whitespace followed by a # causes the # and the remainder of the line to be treated as a comment.

Go ahead!

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You can add comments (lines beginning with #)

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This is obsolete and no longer the whole truth. As pointed out (and substantiated with a docs quote) in the accepted answer, comments no longer have to be at the start of the line - the hash just needs to be after whitespace. I recommend deleting this obsolete answer since it no longer adds anything to the page (you'll keep your rep). – Mark Amery Jan 23 at 21:35

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