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i want to send the data received by NGINX to another server asynchronously without causing any delay in serving the request by NGINX.

Here is the detailed scenario:

User sent a request to my NGINX server which executes a script and shows the response.

In between this, I want to send the request data to another server so that i can manipulate and get decent logging and analytics.

NGINX should not wait for the response from this server and there should be no lag in serving the initial response user wanted.

Let me know if any further clarifications required. Any help will be appreciated.

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To asynchronously send data to another server you can use Beanstalkd: http://kr.github.com/beanstalkd/

However, We have recently setup a system in which we used beanstalkd. It proved to have some negative effect on the speed of working with incoming requests. Therefore we have made the decision to directly send the request to the other server. This worked more consistent.

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Is the same requests hitting two servers directly ? If so, how have you achieved that ? –  Rishabh Feb 13 '12 at 5:10

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