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I am trying to write a client which executes a series of DB2 iSeries Stored procedures in DB2. I am using the IBM.Data.DB2.iSeries provider and need all my calls to be within a .NET transaction. Seems like everything is ignored and data being committed.Any pointers...

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Is the database on the iSeries journaled? That's required for commitment control.

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yes the required files in question are journaled – chugh97 Jun 1 '09 at 10:38
Is your iSeries server under software maintenance? If so you can probably call IBM and ask them directly. – Brandon Peterson Jun 1 '09 at 22:30
Also it might be helpful to know how those stored procedures are defined or used. Are you using the SQL CALL statement, are they RPG programs, etc. – Brandon Peterson Jun 1 '09 at 22:31
BTW stored procedures can be defined to auto-commit when they are used. See the second to last paragraph at – Brandon Peterson Jun 1 '09 at 22:39

I just had this same issue, and figured out that the problem is not in the .Net code, but in the stored procedure. Check your stored proc definition for a COMMIT option. If it is set to "*NONE" it will auto-commit, regardless of transactions in your .Net code. Change it to *RR (repeatable read), and your transactions should work correctly.

More information here.

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