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Is there any techniques available in EasyMock or Unitils Mock (Not Unitils supported EasyMock) to inject the mocks directly into the Class Under Test?

For eg. in Mockito it is possible to inject mocks directly into member variables of a class,

public class TimeTrackerTest {
    @InjectMocks   // Used to create an instance the CUT
    private TimeTrackerBean cut;
    @Mock  // Used to create a Mock instance
    EntityManager em;
    public void injectMockEntityManager() {
        MockitoAnnotations.initMocks(this);   // Injects Mocks into CUT

Can such things be done with EasyMock or Unitils Mock? In easymock, we need a separate setter method in the CUT to support injection from the tests. Am I right or direction injection is somehow possible?


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I don't know of any annotations that would let you do this with EasyMock, however, Spring has ReflectionTestUtils which will let you easily do injection to private fields without requiring a setter method. Before I switched to Mockito, I found this class invaluable.

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Unitils has the "Inject" module for injection of mock objects into tested objects. See http://unitils.org/tutorial-inject.html for details.

For example:

public class MyServiceTest extends UnitilsJUnit4
    @TestedObject MyService myService; 
    @InjectIntoByType Mock<MyDao> myDao; 

    public void myTestMethod()


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Maybe this thread has gone dead but yes you can now do this using EasyMock 3.2 with the tags @TestSubject, @Mock and running the test with @RunWith(EasyMockRunner.class). See this well written (not by me!) example:


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