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I have a pretty big table where I want to get certain rows by Id. To save data I need to send a list of Ids, which can be up to a few thousands. I've tried the way to send the ids by commaseperated string to a stored procedure, but to convert the string back to a selectable list took a few minutes. Now I've tried with Contains on a view, but I always get an error, that I used too many parameters.

Is there a best practice way to solve my problem? Thanks in advance - hope you know what I mean.

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Show your code with Contains –  Oybek Feb 6 '12 at 12:58
Not sure about in linq but with C# and direct sql, you might want to look into TVPs (table value parameters). It's a way to send an in memory table to a sproc ... –  bryanmac Feb 6 '12 at 12:59

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With direct C# and SQL, you can use table value parameters - it's a way to pass an in memory table to a sproc.


I don't believe Linq supports it. But, I found this article concerning using TVPs via Linq with a workaround (haven't tried it):


Hope that helps.

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From hitting the 2100 parameter limit (sql-server) when using Contains()

How about like so (which batches it into manageable pieces). The other (non-LINQ) options involve CSV and a "split" UDF, and table-valued-parameters (in SQL2008).

Please search on SO before posting question.

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