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I have and application that uses NestedList with a TreeStore. TreeStore is using AJAX type proxy and XML reader. Now I have implemented Settings page, where you can change the URL that is used as a data source. Application needs to "reload" after that change. As a result, I change proxy URL:

App.tree_store.proxy.url = new_url;

Then I would like to load a new data:


When I switch NestedList to root card, it will contain mixed data from previous configuration and current one:


Question: How should I "clear/reset" NestedList before loading entirely new data (same data model)? Do I have to clear TreeStore / SubStores and Proxy as well, if yes, how? Maybe using destroy() method and recreate new components?

If I remove all lists using removeAll() and than reload store, new list will not be created.


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I have tried kind of dirty solution: after loading new data, I invoke onBackTap() for as long as there is only one item left in this collection: App.views.hdTreeView.items –  Maciej Zabielski Feb 6 '12 at 13:44

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First use store.setProxy() and pass new proxy object then use this:


where the nestedListObject is your nested list.

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sorry, but NestedList does not have bindStore() method. Or did I misunderstand something? –  Maciej Zabielski Feb 8 '12 at 11:39
Will actually creating new proxy object be different from changing the URL? Anyway, I use my loop to go back to root list while(HdMobile.views.hdTreeView.items.length > 1){ App.views.hdTreeView.onBackTap();} –  Maciej Zabielski Feb 8 '12 at 11:44
As far as I understand, it's the TreeStore that actually keeps the old data not the proxy, so I could use a kind of "flush" method or is that handled by "clearOnLoad"? Will that remove all previously existing items or only subtree? –  Maciej Zabielski Feb 8 '12 at 12:14
Just to clarify: bindStore() method is available only in Ext.List not NestedList. Unfortunately even creating new store and new proxy and using Load() will not reload NestedList. NestedList does not fire Load event (I think this is a confirmed bug...) –  Maciej Zabielski Feb 8 '12 at 12:39
I think that the problem is that the nestedlist doesn't 'repaint' itself. So even though you have no elements in the store or the elements changed, the actual HTML isn't updated. I'm bit confused about your loop with the root list etc. I can't understand what you want to do with that, but anyway I think that is best to just destroy the old list and create a new one with the updated store. –  ilija139 Feb 8 '12 at 12:47
 showDetail: function(list, index , element , record) {
            //Take your store
            var store = Ext.getStore('yourstore');

            //Apply the params
            Ext.apply(store.getProxy()._extraParams, {
                id : record.data.id

            //Reload your store

put this code at controller

just change extraParams to fetch new data.

in store dont input exterparam.

so u cab use just one url but chnage just param for fetch data.

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