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See the example image. This layout has some features I would like to know if I could emulate with CSS with or without JS. First and formost we have two column text but an image that is force aligned to the second column with overflow. Where should I RTFM to explore ways to emulate this with CSS/JS?

Multicolumn layout with Image overflow

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Take a look here:

Where it is written sidebar content here - You can add an entire paragraph, It is a different column.

Or here:

Good - Luck !

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thanks but it doesn't quiet get to what im looking for. the static element in the examples is separated from the textual flow so there is probably little chance to modify them in a way that the text flows around the image in a multi column layout. but thanks, those resources will help on other issues im looking at. – cyphunk Feb 6 '12 at 14:08

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