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I have a table with four columns: Account#, Card#, CardNameType and Cardholder's Name. The CardNameType field will identify who's the owner of the card. If it equals 0, I want to get the name from the FATHER table; if it's 1, get it from the MOTHER table; and if it's 2, get it from the CHILD table. Each table has a primary key of Account# and each Account# can have multiple Card#s.

How could I go about doing this? Would a CASE statement work or what would the optimum way be of going about this?

EDIT: Sorry, I misinterpreted the data. The solution you gave me I don't believe will work. The FATHER AND MOTHER names appear in the same table. If, for example, FATHER OR MOTHER has a card, two records will show up in the table (one for father and one for mother) However, if the card is for CHILD, THEN it's in another table. I need a way to make it so that I can retrieve just the mother or father or child.

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yeah here it sounds like a case statement would be best to utilized.

such as:

SELECT CASE c.CardNameType
            WHEN 0 THEN f.Name
            WHEN 1 THEN m.Name
            WHEN 2 THEN c.Name
       END AS [Card Owner]
    Card c
    Father f ON f.Account# = c.Account#
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@thevanillathrilla so did this help at all??? –  Laurence Burke Feb 6 '12 at 18:30

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