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I have a rails application that creates a couple of csv file, zips them up and sends them to the client as an attachment(for download) using this line:

send_file t.path, :x_sendfile => true, :type => 'application/zip', :filename => "invited_friends_stats.zip"

When I view the zipped file created on the server, I'm able to use it, however, when I download the file through the application, it uncompresses into a .zip.cpgz file, while in turn compresses into a zip file which compresses into a .zip.cpgz file, etc, etc.

I then downloaded "The Unarchiver" app (on Mac OSX) and when I try and open the .zip file I get an error: "the contents cannot be extracted with this program"

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Encoding error, etc? Is there something I'm missing from the line above, or in my configuration that would fix this?

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You try to stream the ZIP file. Try adding :disposition => 'attachment' to force the browser to download the complete file.

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Try setting the Content-Disposition response header with something like this

response.headers['Content-Disposition'] = "attachment; filename=\"#{@filename}\""
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