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Iv been trying to pass arguments through an addEventListener event in actionscript such as...

target.addEventListener("pComp", rakeSoil(target));

but i get errors.

Iv tried to google but no luck :/

Thanks for replying if you do :)

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Try adding an additional method as your event listener:

target.addEventListener ("pComp", targetListener);


private function targetListener (event:Event):void {

   rakeSoil (event.currentTarget);

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Or, if you have the ability, you can just make rakeSoil take in the event, and then access currentTarget, instead of taking in the currentTarget. –  Evan Ward Oct 2 '14 at 14:56

The target is already passed as part of the event, either event.currentTarget or event.target will be what you want.

If you want something else passed, create a custom event. Add the property to the custom event.

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How this is what you want:

        var target:EventDispatcher = ...;
        Function rakeSoil = function (e:Event):void 
            // handle target 

        target.addEventListener("pComp", rakeSoil);

rakeSoil is a first class function(or closure), when event is dispatched, it will be invoked, and you can access 'target' in it.


Have a look at Closure (computer science)

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I have always found anonymous functions to be more trouble than they are worth. I would simply follow the standard event handler code layout. It's more formal and takes a little more effort up front, but there is no ambiguity and it is far more readable when you return to it a year from now (reduces head-scratching duration):

//  Target extends EventDispatcher
private var target:Target;

public function listenToTarget();
    target = new Target();
    target.addEventListener("pComp", pCompHandler);

private function pCompHandler(event:Event):void

Although, now that I look at it more closely, why are you having this object do something that Target should be capable of handling internally on its own?

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