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I am using AllegroGraph 4.4. I have their sample database input regarding the Kennedy family tree. I have copied an example from their tutorials on SPIN. Here it is:

"prefix kennedy: <http://www.franz.com/simple#>  
 prefix xs: <http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#>  
 select ( (2011 - xs:int(?birthYear)) as ?age ) {  
   ?who kennedy:birth-year ?birthYear .  

The problem is that I do not know where and how to register this function. I've tried the WebView, but I get this error:

Non-symbol element !ex:age in binding list.

Why do I keep getting this error?

Where should I define the rule?

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The code is Common Lisp code that should be part of a source file, or evaluated in the REPL. The error you are getting, ”Non-symbol element !ex:age in binding list” seems to indicate that the system is choking while trying to process !ex:age. Does executing the setup from the example first help? The first line and last lines, (enable-!-reader), and (register-namespace "ex" "http://franz.examples#"), seem like what you would need in order to get !ex:age to be read properly.

(enable-print-decoded t)  
(create-triple-store "kennedy")  
(load-ntriples "kennedy.ntriples")  
(register-namespace "kennedy" "http://www.franz.com/simple#")  
(register-namespace "ex" "http://franz.examples#")
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