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on server site: hg tip shows a user who performed hg push/commit. The data is taken from [user] section of .hgrc. I can put there whatever I like. But how to get to know on a server who really did hg push?

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You need to maintain a pushlog manually to track this — Mercurial has no built-in support for this. I wrote more about pushlogs here.

You can also use a server like RhodeCode which comes with a pushlog by default.

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You wrote:It will inspect the HG_SOURCE environment variable and verify that the user listed there is also the committer. During hg push $HG_SOURCE shows a word 'serve'. How to get a user listed there? –  Mariusz Blank Feb 6 '12 at 16:12
I don't see where you're quoting Martin from, but`$HG_SOURCE` contains different information for different types of transport. If you're using http via apache you have access to $REMOTE_USER and if you're using ssh you'll have that information too. As +Martin coorectly points out, the authentication and pushlog are out of scope for Mercurial. –  Ry4an Feb 6 '12 at 17:31
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A Mercurial repository is just a folder. Whoever can write to that folder can also commit to Mercurial, like any other folder for your system. So it's actually not Mercurial's responsibility to check for authenticity of the user but the file system's and/or server process'.

You should never allow anyone to push to repository without authentication, and you should be logging your authentication info.

Depending on what you use for allowing pushes (SSH, hgweb, Apache, IIS etc), user info can be gathered from it's logs.

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