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I have a assembly version file (SolutionAssemblyVersion.cs) which I keep at the root of my trunk in TFS. I update this file and check it in during the build. When I use the CI build in TFS it basically triggers another build as a result of that check in. Is there any way to exclude certain users from triggering a build?

I've seen Martin Woodward's TFS Top Tip #16 - Limit What you Build post but I'm hoping to not have to create a folder just for it.

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I figured it out - add:

***NO_CI*** (3 stars)

to the front of your check-in comment. Buck Hodges blogged about it.

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+1: great information –  NotMe May 28 '09 at 23:03

If you don't want to hard code the string there is an MSBuild variable called $(NoCICheckInComment).

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