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Others have asked this question, but there's been no good answers that I can find.

With a jqgrid and inline editing, is it possible to get the focus on the cell that was selected instead of the first cell on the row? In an onCellSelect handler I can move the focus, but then it immediately returns to the first cell on the line.

Firebug consistently crashes as I step out of the onCellSelect callback so I haven't made much headway into the jqGrid source itself.

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I answered on the close question here. If you use double-click to enter in the inline editing you can directly use my previous answer.

If you use selection of the row (onSelectRow callback) you will have problem to detect the cell which is clicked because the current version of jqGrid don't has the event object as the parameter. The last version of jqGrid on the github are already has the parameter (see my suggestion and the fix) and you can do the same inside onSelectRow.

If you do need to use released version jqGrid 4.3.1 and need to set focus in the onSelectRow callback you can use additionally beforeSelectRow callback to cache last e.target in a variable and uses it inside of onSelectRow.

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I use this code (jqGrid 4.4.1)

 onSelectRow: function (rowid, status, e) {
   var setFocusToCell = function(e) {
     if(!e || !e.target) return;
     var $td = $(e.target).closest("td"), $tr = $td.closest("tr.jqgrow"), ci, ri, rows = this.rows;
     if ($td.length === 0 || $tr.length === 0 || !rows) return;
     ci = $.jgrid.getCellIndex($td[0]);
     ri = $tr[0].rowIndex;
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