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i have trouble getting the accelerometer data from core motion manager...i followed the documentation and it still doesn't work :(

self.manager = [[CMMotionManager alloc] init];
self.manager.accelerometerUpdateInterval = 0.01;
[self.manager startAccelerometerUpdates];

CMAccelerometerData *newestAccel = self.manager.accelerometerData;

int x, y, z;
x = newestAccel.acceleration.x;
y = newestAccel.acceleration.y;
z = newestAccel.acceleration.z;

any help would be very much appreciated!!

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I managed to make it work using blocks, here's the code that I managed to get working:

NSOperationQueue *theQueue = [[NSOperationQueue alloc] init];

_returnedData = [[CMAccelerometerData alloc] init];
_motionManager = [[CMMotionManager alloc] init];

[_motionManager startAccelerometerUpdatesToQueue:theQueue withHandler:^(CMAccelerometerData *accelerometerData, NSError *error) {

    _returnedData = _motionManager.accelerometerData;

    int x = _motionManager.accelerometerData.acceleration.x;
    int y = _returnedData.acceleration.y;

    NSLog(@"X: %i, Y: %i", x, y);

You can either access the accelerometerData.accelleration directly from the CAMotionManager or by creating an instance of CMAccelerometerData and assigning the variables to that. Hope this helps.

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worked perfectly! thank you so much Carl!! – Chris Lin Feb 7 '12 at 1:18
could you tell me why the first code does not work? it should but I have the same issue – MeV Mar 16 '15 at 12:05
The code I wrote provides a handler within a block, which is called every time an update occurs with the accelerometer, setting 'x' and 'y' whenever there is a change. In Chris’ code, the variables 'x' and 'y' are only set once, when there may not even be a value returned by the CMAccelerometerData or CMMotionManager. – Carl Goldsmith Mar 20 '15 at 18:40

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