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<concat destfile="${destFile}" fixlastline="yes">
    <filelist dir="." files="${filelist}"/>

In the fragment above I would like concat task to fail when a file from filelist isn't accessible/located. What would be the best way to implement it please?

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Here's one way to achieve the same - but by defining the filelist before the concat, and checking whether the files are present.


  • Create a filelist with an id.
  • Create a similar fileset from the same list of files.
  • Get the count of resources in each of these - filesets only select files that exist.
  • Compare the resource counts - if they differ some of the files don't exist.

A fail task with embedded condition is used to compare the counts. If this passes, the concat is carried out.

<filelist id="my.list" dir="." files="${filelist}" />
<fileset id="my.set" dir="." includes="${filelist}" />
<resourcecount refid="my.list" property="my.list.size" />
<resourcecount refid="my.set" property="my.set.size" />
<fail message="Only found ${my.set.size}/${my.list.size} files for concat!">
            <equals arg1="${my.set.size}" arg2="${my.list.size}" />

<concat destfile="${destFile}" fixlastline="yes">
    <filelist refid="my.list" />

To get the missing file list, use something like:

<difference id="missing">
    <resources refid="my.list"/>
    <resources refid="my.set"/>

Then you can revise the fail task to:

<fail message="Missing files for concat: ${ant.refid:missing}">
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Thanks! Is there any way to be more informative (for example, printing the missing files' list) etc? –  BreakPhreak Feb 7 '12 at 6:55
Yes, see revised. –  martin clayton Feb 7 '12 at 7:07

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