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I'm building a data management system. In the end it will be sending SQLite data via http post method to an instance. I will not be building this web datadase and it wont be ready for some time. However I would like to continue my production of the app and get the http post methods set up correctly.

Is there a way to test http methods without already having a receiving client already set up? Maybe a public client exists for this purpose?

I want to continue production (and testing) to the point so that when the web database is finally built all I need to do is essentially plug in the new url in my code. Is there anyway I can do that?


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You can ask it google

Example Henry's HTTP Post Dumping Server.

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Great-I don't know why I never came across that in my researching-Thanks! –  KDEx Feb 6 '12 at 15:52

Stub the posting class, implementing an interface. Use it directly, or use something like Guice to inject it.

You can always set up a dev DB service, and should, but a stub may be sufficient for most of your dev.

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