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I'm working on creating a chat client that is supposed to interface with Cisco's WebEx Connect IM. I'm using Cisco's CAXL library and I got it to work with gchat, which seemed a reasonable XMPP start-point. However, now I'm totally stuck. What services do I need to register for at Cisco to get access to a BOSH / XMPP endpoint that I can use with the chat client? How would I go about this? The project has an unlimited budget but I can't figure out what to buy -- totally unfamiliar with Cisco's enterprise jungle.

I've contacted WebEx support but no response yet. We don't have a real account with them yet so support seems hard to come by.

Thanks for any direction! ~Charlie

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The right path to get support for CAXL is to go to the Cisco Developer Network (CDN), then click on Develop with Jabber, Develop and Test, Get Started - Hosted Deployment. At the top, there's a link for community support and to contact the CDN team, which has escalation paths that... end back up with me. :)

You just need an account on WebEx Connect to move forward.

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Haha! That's awesome about the escalations. Thanks for the response! I signed up and got a strange \@aol.com account, and it doesn't seem to work with the same approach I used to get an @gmail.com (gchat) account working (pointing my CAXL client at the jappix.com/bind BOSH endpoint). Is there something wrong with that? Does webex connect have their own BOSH endpoint that I can connect to? Still not quite sure how this BOSH / XMPP stuff works :( Thanks! –  Charles Offenbacher Feb 8 '12 at 0:16
Crud. I forgot that the free accounts still go to aol. Please try asking a question on CDN to see if you get a response. If not, ping again, and I'll figure out a way to contact you directly. –  Joe Hildebrand Feb 8 '12 at 0:37

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