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Just learning about PHP and wordpress and getting some problem.Here is my use-case. I have a text area like

<textarea id='contact-message' class='contact-input' name='message' cols='40' rows='4' tabindex='1004'></textarea>

and user can input text in this area.everything is working fine but if user while typing the message hit the "Enter Key" it will start on the new line in text area and this new line is giving me the following exception when i am trying to submit the form

When user submitting the form i am creating a URL String and passing it to a java script function to submit by ajax call.This is my

PHP code

$input = "u_email=".$email;
$input .= "&u_subject=" .$subject . "&u_message=" .$message .  "&u_ip=" . $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"] ."&u_name=" .$name;
echo "<script>rtf_submit('$baseURL','$input');</script>";

JS Code

 function rtf_submit(url,requestURL){

This was the submitted URL being created by above PHP code World&u_ip=

and this is the exception i am getting

Error: unterminated string literal
Line: 0, Column: 83
Source Code:

I press enter key after typing Hello and this space/new line is being not handled properly by java-script code.

Is there any way i can handle this at PHP side to avoid such cases or need to be done at java-script?

Thanks in advance

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On server side, you can try using htmlentities:

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You'll need to encode your form inputs so they'll be treated properly by the browser (or Javascript code, in this case). You can do this in Javascript or PHP - for some information on doing it in Javascript, take a look at this page.

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