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Is there a way to temporarily disable pre and post build events?

i.e build without build events (which are taking a bit of time but arent always crucial to run)

at the moment i have minification and a couple of other things going on and i dont always need that.

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Stuff like minimization only matters for the Release build. So you could skip it like this:

if "$(ConfigurationName)" == "Debug" goto skip
; stuff here...

There are some other macros you can use, click the Edit button and the Macro>> button to see them. Environment variables can be tested as well, use %varname%. But are much harder to set.

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The simplest way to disable the build events is passing empty values:

msbuild your.sln /p:PreBuildEvent=;PostBuildEvent=
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Sweet. My TeamCity build was failing because of newly added build events. Adding this to the "Command line parameters" field fixed it good. –  Ryan Bosinger Apr 22 '13 at 17:21

Check your post build event settings. On the "Build Events" tab change the "Run the post-build event" combo box value to "When the build updates project output". Post build events will be executed only when output assembly is updated.


Use MSBuild command to build your solution (this is useful for multi-solution projects). Create "DisableBuildEvents.msbuild" file somehere on your PC. DisableBuildEvents.msbuild content:

<Project xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003">
  <Target Name="PostBuildEvent"/>
  <Target Name="PreBuildEvent" />

Execute MsBuild with CustomAfterMicrosoftCommonTargets property set in the command line:

MSBuild.exe YourSolution.sln /t:Build p:CustomAfterMicrosoftCommonTargets="c:\DisableBuildEvents.msbuild"

Note: CustomAfterMicrosoftCommonTargets value should be full path name.

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