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there are several sites out providing Java source code. Unluckily, these does not refer to the Java native binaries. In short: The source code of native functions is not shown.

An example is StrictMath.floor. The only thing provided is the raw Java declaration

 public static native double floor(double a);

What I am interested in is the actual c/c++ code. How did they actually implement it?

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possible duplicate of Source code for the java library classes – cdeszaq Feb 6 '12 at 16:34
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The OpenJDK project contains the full source. The source for jdk 6 is roughly equivalent to what is in the Sun/Oracle jdk. The source for jdk 7 should be almost exactly equivalent.

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You can see the native code generated if you use the debug build of the OpenJDK.

StringMath.floor() is turned into a single machine instruction. i.e. some "native" methods are actually inlined by the JVM. Not sure how that helps you though. ;)

See notes of fistp

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