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I recently happen to work with scalaz >>=. I put all the methods which should be bind with >>= in a list and foldleft as follows,

val dataMap:Map[K,V]

def call[F](funcList:List[funcOb[K, V, F]]):Either[F,Seq[(K,Option[V])]] = {
  type t[a] = Either[F,a]
    map(v => {
        foldLeft((,dataMap.get([F])( _ >>= _ )

case class funcOb[K,V,F]( name:K,
     funcs:List[(K,Option[V]) => Either[F, (K, Option[V])]] = List.empty )

now I'm getting a funny error complaining that the required is similar to found

...: type mismatch;
[error]  found   : (K, Option[V]) => Either[F,(K, Option[V])]
[error]  required: (K, Option[V]) => Either[F,(K, Option[V])]
[error]             foldLeft((,dataMap.get([F])( _ >>= _ )

I cannot understand this behavour. Is there anything missing?

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The error message will be more clear in upcoming Scala releases. – Daniel C. Sobral Feb 6 '12 at 23:58

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It requires a Function1[(A, B), C]. Your list contains functions of type Function2[A, B, C]. So you need to convert the function to tupled form before you can apply it.

The following works:

def call[F](funcList: List[funcOb[K, V, F]]): Either[F, Seq[(K, Option[V])]] = {
  type t[a] = Either[F, a]
    map(v => {
        foldLeft((, dataMap.get([F])(_ >>= _.tupled)
  ).sequence[t, (K, Option[V])]
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@tiran, please accept the answer if you find it useful. – missingfaktor Feb 12 '12 at 18:03

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