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Using vanilla ActiveSupport::TestCase, I've added several helper methods that generate test model objects in test/test_helper.rb. In this file is a reopening of ActiveSupport::TestCase that contains the helper methods.

Now suppose I'm in the Ruby Console (or pry, with the Rails environment loaded), and I want to fiddle with these test methods. I can load the file: load "test/test_helper.rb" but I can't create a TestCase instance that will let me access those test methods to play with them:

[4] pry(main)> tc = ActiveSupport::TestCase.new
ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments (0 for 1)
[5] pry(main)> tc = ActiveSupport::TestCase.new(1)
TypeError: 1 is not a symbol
[6] pry(main)> tc = ActiveSupport::TestCase.new(:unit)
ArgumentError: uncaught throw :invalid_test

I've tried in vain to follow the trail of breadcrumbs in source files to find the TestCase initialize method so I could figure out what it's insisting on here.

Can someone help me with how to think about problems like this and figure out a workaround?

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Copied from this link: https://gist.github.com/1297510

On your terminal type:

RAILS_ENV=test pry
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