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I always type paired characters by pairs:

'' "" () [] {} <>

How do I map Vim immediately jump inside them when I type them during Insert Mode? I tried some googling but I can't seem to get the right search term.

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Use the AutoClose plugin, which will insert the closing brace for you, leaving your cursor inside them. If you type the matching bracket quickly enough, it will move your cursor outside the pair.

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An alternative to AutoClose is delimitMate if you find AutoClose isn't everything you wanted. I don't remember the advantages off hand but I remember there were features in delimitMate that were missing in AutoClose. – Randy Morris Feb 6 '12 at 17:49
Thanks Randy! delimitMate does exactly what OP wanted (and me too), with the following line in .vimrc: let delimitMate_autoclose = 0 – Dmitry Frank Feb 7 '12 at 10:08

Without using any plugin, I found out I could use this:

inoremap '' ''<esc>i
inoremap "" ""<esc>i
inoremap () ()<esc>i
inoremap [] []<esc>i
inoremap {} {}<esc>i
inoremap <> <><esc>i
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