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I have a project file that is using a property $(source) such as :

    <ZipFiles Include="$(Source)\**\*.*" />
<Target Name="Package">
   <Zip Files="@(ZipFiles)" ZipFileName="ZipOutputFullPath" />

Now, I'm using this project file in a second project file and I need to copy some zip files into a folder that I construct based on some other parameters and I need to pass in that folder as $(source) to imported project, how can I do this? I'm referencing the imported target like this:

<Target Name="PrepareDropAndPackage" DependsOnTargets="PrepareDrop;Package">
        <Message Text="Finishes preparing drop and packaging." />

So basically I need to somehow pass in $(source) to Package target.


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You need to update $(Source) property before calling the PrepareDropAndPackage target or to change $(Source) property inside that target like this:

<Target Name="PrepareDropAndPackage" DependsOnTargets="PrepareDrop">
        <!-- :)) -->
    <CallTarget Targets="Package">
    <Message Text="Finishes preparing drop and packaging." />
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thanks for the answer –  Jefe Feb 7 '12 at 12:40
The only thing is, I had to define the PropertyGroup outside of PrepareDropAndPackage target as the value of Source inside Package was empty! –  Jefe Feb 8 '12 at 10:04

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