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I need to create a dataset (a CSV table) based on multiple CGI queries in a statistical database of scientific citations and publications. Right now I'm filtering the initial data manually, doing CGI queries "by hand" and then copy-pasting the results to Excel. But is it possible to fetch the whole initial dataset using WGET instead?

In other words, can a CGI database be exported as CSV or any other flatfile?

I tried to follow this example. But what I got was a file with just some HTML output. Here's what a typical query looked like:

wget -S -o webofscience_log.txt -O webofscience_data.txt ""

I do realize that I didn't include any indicators for a CSV output. How should I do this?

Or -- if this kind of query isn't possible, what are my alternatives for fetching the data (considering that it's initially a CGI query)?

Thanks for any advice!

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