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I've made a Join between tables. I simply want to take the values from some data and put into the other columns. But it doesn't work. How could I rewrite the query? I want to OVERWRITE the values in wkfc table with the values from swkf.

I know it's right how can I make Oracle simply do it?

       swkf.swkf_stato_workflow_id "swkf_swkf_stato_workflow_id", 
       swkf.swkf_data_ini "swkf_swkf_data_ini",
       swkf.swkf_versione "swkf_swkf_versione",
       swkf.spwkf_stato_pubblico_id "swkf_spwkf_stato_pubblico_id",
       swkf.spwkf_data_ini "swkf_spwkf_data_ini",
       swkf.spwkf_versione "swkf_spwkf_versione",
       wkfc.swkf_stato_workflow_id "wkfc_swkf_stato_workflow_id", 
       wkfc.swkf_data_ini "wkfc_swkf_data_ini",
       wkfc.swkf_versione "wkfc_swkf_versione",
       wkfc.spwkf_stato_pubblico_id "wkfc_spwkf_stato_pubblico_id",
       wkfc.spwkf_data_ini "wkfc_spwkf_data_ini",
       wkfc.spwkf_versione "wkfc_spwkf_versione"
  FROM wkfb_stati_workflow swkf, wkf_cronologia wkfc
 WHERE twkf_tipo_workflow_id =
          (SELECT twkf_tipo_workflow_id
             FROM wkf_istanze_workflow wkfi, RET_PUNTI_EROGAZIONE RPUN
            WHERE     RPUN.PUN_PUNTO_EROGAZIONE_COD = '8001375567' --codice puntero
                  AND RPUN.PUN_PUNTO_EROGAZIONE_ID = wkfi.ogg_oggetto_id
                  AND wkfi.tog_tipo_oggetto_id = 'RET_PUN1'
                  AND wkfi.WKFI_FLAG_ANN = 'N')
       AND swkf_descrizione = '(O)Occupato'
       AND wkfc.wkfc_cronologia_id = 'ApAJ0qCudNphjLxj'
  )  a1
"wkfc_swkf_stato_workflow_id" =  "swkf_swkf_stato_workflow_id" ,
"wkfc_swkf_data_ini" =           "swkf_swkf_data_ini" ,
"wkfc_swkf_versione" =           "swkf_swkf_versione"  ,
"wkfc_spwkf_stato_pubblico_id" = "swkf_spwkf_stato_pubblico_id" , 
"wkfc_spwkf_data_ini" =          "swkf_spwkf_data_ini" ,
"wkfc_spwkf_versione" =          "swkf_spwkf_versione"  ;

It's the same of doing as follow, but he have to find the values by itself.

UPDATE wkf_cronologia
   SET swkf_stato_workflow_id = 'o3gE1tlSdcDIC6FF',
       swkf_data_ini = TO_TIMESTAMP ('19-06-2010 18:28:10,556000000','DD-MM-RRRR HH24:MI:SS,FF'),
       swkf_versione = 0, 
       SPWKF_DATA_INI = TO_TIMESTAMP ('01-01-0001 00:00:00,000000000', 'DD-MM-RRRR HH24:MI:SS,FF'),
 WHERE wkfc_cronologia_id = 'ApAJ0qCudNphjLxj';  --id del record di cronologia da aggiornare (estratto nella prima query)
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I don't see any join criteria between your tables. How are the tables wkfb_stati_workflow, wkf_cronologia, wkf_istanze_workflow, and RET_PUNTI_EROGAZIONE related? –  Bob Jarvis Feb 6 '12 at 18:09
They aren't. I need to get the unique values from the swkf and use them to update wkf_cronologia. Wich is the best way? –  Revious Feb 7 '12 at 11:36

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If you want to UPDATE (SELECT ... FROM A INNER JOIN B ON condition) SET A.X = ... then the join condition must constrain all the columns of some uniqueness constraint on B to a single value.

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Firstly We cannot update two tables using single query through join view, We can opt DB Procedure in that case.

 ORA-01776: cannot modify more than one base table through a join view
   01776. 00000 -  "cannot modify more than one base table through a join view"
   *Cause:    Columns belonging to more than one underlying table were either
         inserted into or updated. 

But we can use join to compare the base table with reference table and we can update one table.

    SELECT t1.d1 x, t2.d1 y FROM t1, t2 WHERE t1.d2 = t2.d2 AND t2.d2 = 2
) t3

SET t3.x = 6;
 -- t3.y = 1; this is wrong updating multiple table

Now performing this join (t1.d2 = t2.d2) should happen on unique columns. Here both tables d2 column should be unique.

Else result in below

 Oracle: multiple table updates => ORA-01779: 
 cannot modify a column which maps to a non key-preserved table

Below URL explains how to perform this join on non unique columns

Oracle - update join - non key-preserved table

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