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1. Passing parameters into the service? If not already defined in the services.xml (or yaml), is the only way to pass parameter(s) into service is:

$container->setParameter('loader', $loader);

I suppose this way loader will be available to ALL services, not just "myservice"?

2. Passing an array of objects into the service? The Template/DelegatingEngine class takes an array of engine object into the constructor, and I dont know how should I define that in the xml file:

public function __construct(array $engines = array())
        $this->engines = array();
        foreach ($engines as $engine) {

What should I put into the

<service id="myCustomeFramework.TemplateEngine" class="path\to\DelegateEngine" scope="prototype">
            <argument>how can i pass an array of engines here?</argument>
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Answer 1

Yes, it will be available for all services that uses that parameter and that are called after setting the parameter.

Answer 2

For passing an array as an argument to a service using xml you have to do it in this way:

<service id="myCustomeFramework.TemplateEngine" class="path\to\DelegateEngine" scope="prototype">
    <argument type="collection">
        <argument key="key">value</argument>
        <argument key="key">value</argument>
        <argument key="key">value</argument>
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Thank you artberri, since <argument key="key">value</argument> is supposed to pass in an engine object, what should I put in the value field? – mr1031011 Feb 6 '12 at 20:32

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