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just a simple link with parameters

<a href="">hey!</a>

would make the w3c validator jump two errors, one for the equeal (=) and one for the and (&)

Error Line 1, Column 43: reference to entity "bli" for which no system identifier could be generated

This is usually a cascading error caused by a an undefined entity reference or use of an unencoded ampersand (&) in an URL or body text. See the previous message for further details.
Info Line 1, Column 39: entity was defined here

How can i write them and get 0 errors/warnings?

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The equal sign throws no errors. Replace the & with &amp; like so:

<a href=";bli=blo">hey!</a>
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i think you just need to escape the characters

For example = will be %3D and & will be &amp;

Read more here HTML url encoding

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