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I have different anchor tags with href=#ids and I need to hide them using a general css rule for all of them,

Content xxxxxxxxx <a href="#tab1">Table 1</a>.Content xxxxxxxxxxxx <a href="#tab2">Table 2</a>

I was trying to use something like this:

#wrap a='#tab1'{

Any idea how to do it?

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Try using attribute selectors:

a[href='#tab1']{ display: none }

Or even simply

[href='#tab1']{ display: none }

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But if the anchor has display: none it is no longer active (meaning, clicking on a link to this anchor won't e.g. scroll down). And with visibility: hidden the anchor still uses the same space. Any solution to this? – roesslerj Jan 19 at 14:09
I don't understand the comment: why you want a user to be able to click on a link that is hidden? – graphicdivine Apr 1 at 10:38
The link itself is not hidden, only the anchor that it refers to. The problem was that (in the system generating the HTML) I had no access to the original text that I wanted to scroll to and I didn't want to add some additional text just to be able to place an anchor. – roesslerj Apr 2 at 20:46
Ah. I see. You could try: position:absolute; visibility: hidden – graphicdivine Apr 7 at 8:44

Why not just create a CSS class for your anchors and hide them using that class?

<a href="#tab1" class="hiddenTab">foo</a>

And in your CSS:

a.hiddenTab {visibility:hidden; display:none;}

All the anchors you'd want to hide would just use "class='hiddenTab'"

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Right Answer :) .. – hitesh Jan 13 at 8:37

If you want to hide all a tags which have href set, you can do this:

a[href] { display: none; }
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Try using a[href*="#"] {display: none;} This selectors identifies a # in the href attribute of an anchor and if found it applies the style

You can use it in another way such as header a[href*="#"] {display: none;} So you don't mess all the anchors on the site!

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Assuming #wrap is an id of a parent, you can use:

/* Hide all anchor tags which are children of #wrap */
#wrap a{ display:none; }

/* Hide all anchor tags which are direct children of #wrap */
#wrap > a{ display:none; }

/* Hide a specific anchor tag (Probably won't work in IE6 though) */
a[href="#tab1"]{ display:none; }
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#wrap a[href="#tab1"]{
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