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i have a simple example of using removeClass but it doesnt seem to work properly. Im not sure why i cant see the problem


<ul id="alljobs" class="hide">123</ul>
<ul id="jobs" class="hide">123</ul>




var x=1;

if (x ==1 ){

in this case one ul text color should be black, but it isn't

any ideas?

here is my jsfiddle


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No need for the dot in removeClass('**.**hide'), because jQuery already knows you want a class. – PeeHaa Feb 6 '12 at 18:56
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You need to take out the period in your class name. The period is used in a selector for noting that the string to follow is a class name. But in the removeClass() function, the parameter is simply a string that is the class' name.

The fixed jQuery code, in total, would be this:

var x=1; 

if (x ==1 ){ 
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@Patrioticcow Ha, honest mistake. Glad to help. – user596075 Feb 6 '12 at 19:03

Remove the dot(.) from class name.

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remote the . from your class name, it's not really part of the class name when using jquery.

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