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I am working on my first extension and am trying to create a simple extension to inject a draggable div on a page. That works nicely, but I want to preserve the location of the div on the background page (I'm also trying out local storage, but want to understand why this isn't working).

I do not need a button so have not created a popup.html file, which, I believe, is entirely optional. It certainly has worked so far just injecting javascript files.

However, I now get the following error thrown when executing chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage():

Uncaught Error: chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage can only be used in extension processes. See the content scripts documentation for more details.

The content scripts documentation did not seem to identify anything wrong with my approach: http://code.google.com/chrome/extensions/content_scripts.html

Here is a redacted manifest I am using:

"name": "My helper",
"version": "1.0", 
"description": "Tastes great",
"background_page": "background.html",
"content_scripts": [
        "js":[ "jquery.js", "jquery-ui-1.8.17.custom.min.js", "my_content_script.js"],
        "css": [ "my_content_script.css" ]
"permissions": [

So I am running this statement inside "my_content_script.js". Is this NOT considered part of the extension process? Can I only run this on a popup.html (or other possibly?) file?

If this is the case, then maybe it is easier to just use localstorage rather than trying to communicate through the dom with the extension process.

Hope I've been clear despite my ignorance about some of these concepts.

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I don't think the docs explicitly say you can't use chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage() from a content_script but because the content_script has permissions more oriented with the page it is being run on it isn't allowed access. The docs do mention a few methods you can use however.

Unlike the other chrome.* APIs, parts of chrome.extension can be used by content scripts:

You will have to use message passing to communicate between the background_page and the content_script.

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You have to use the chrome.cookies.get() in background.html, and then do the communication between your content script and background.html for exchanging cookie data.

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