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I have an ipad app that uses dropbox to sync images to the cloud so that i can access them with a webapp and process them etc etc.

the part i'm having trouble with is getting the file from dropbox to s3 via carrierwave. i have a photo model and i can create a new photo and upload and an image successfully. I can also put a file on dropbox. However when i try to get a file off of dropbox and put it on s3, the contents of the file is just text.

Are there some sort of mime types i need to set or something?

I am using dropbox_sdk and the get_file_and_metadata method. It returns me the file object successfully, but the contents are all just text. this is me hard coding the image file so i can be sure it exists..

dbsession = DropboxSession.deserialize(session[:dropbox_session])
@client = DropboxClient.new(dbsession, ACCESS_TYPE) #raise an exception if session not authorized
@info = @client.account_info # look up account information
@photo = Photo.new(params[:photo])
@db_image metadata = @client.get_file_and_metadata('/IMG_1575.jpg')

the part i don't know how to do is say take this image @db_image and use that file when creating a new photo and store it on S3.

I'm thinking it might be a 'mime type' issue, but i've read that that is only based on the file ext.

any insight you guys could share would really help me get past this hurdle. thanks!

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this doesn't really answer your question, but get_file_and_metadata returns two things. If you just want the image file, and not that metadata, i think you want to do "@db_image, metadata = @client.get_file_and_metadata('/IMG_1575.jpg')" –  brbob Feb 6 '12 at 22:51
I tried that as well. It's just a different way to get the same problem. I can get the data, but it's all just text. thanks for the reply though. i edited the post to reflect that. –  afxjzs Feb 7 '12 at 15:50

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Figured this out. Instead I used the direct_url.url method that is part of the dropbox-api gem used with the carrierwave gem. the direct_url.url method returns a secure full url path to that file that you can use as the remote_url value for carrierwave.

@client = Dropbox::API::Client.new(:token  => 'derp', :secret => 'derp')
@dropbox_files = @client.ls "images/#{@event.keyword}/#{photo_size}/"

@dropbox_files.each do |f|
  photo_exists = Photo.where(:dropbox_path => f.direct_url.url).count
  if photo_exists == 0
    @photo = Photo.create(:remote_filename_url => f.direct_url.url, 
                          :dropbox_path => f.direct_url.url,
                          :event_id => @event.id)

Now, i'm pretty new at ruby, so i'll be posting a better way to step through the results, as that seems pretty slow and clunky.

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