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maybe someone could recommend some good examples concerning thread executions, thread management. Maybe not only examples but article, tutorial if you will with examples.

Generally I have a problem where I need to download a bunch of files from the web, but connection is limited to two. So when I gather up all the url's to files I need, I'd like to download say... 100 files but do so in async manner by two until all the threads finish their job.

Thank, you for support.

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Use an ExecutorService that uses a fixed thread pool of size 2, and submit all the tasks to that ExecutorService.

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I think ThreadPoolExecutor should help you, there many various implementations of such polling in java.util.concurrent.*;

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An ExecutorService should take care of thread management for you.

final int POOL_SIZE = 2;
final ExecutorService pool = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(POOL_SIZE);

you can then call the submit method to execute runnable tasks

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I don't have an article, but I do know of a good book that covers general multi-threaded programming using Java. It is called Java Concurrency in Practice. It does cover general usage patterns, etc.

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