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How to copy selected lines to clipboard in vim. I know how to do it for all text files, but I want to do in for selected lines. Thanks!

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SHIFTV puts you in select lines mode. Then "*y yanks the currently selected lines to the * register which is the clipboard. There are quite a few different registers, for different purposes. See the section on selection and drop registers for details on the differences between * and + registers on Windows and Linux.

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If you're on Linux and are using a VIm version 7.3.74 or higher (the version that gets installed in Ubuntu 11.10 onwards satisfies this), you can do

set clipboard=unnamedplus

which will place yanked text into the global clipboard, and allow you to paste from the global clipboard, without having to use any special registers. Unlike ldigas's solution, this will also work on non-gui versions of VIm.

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This only works if I install the vim-gnome package instead of vim. – dan-klasson Nov 27 '12 at 11:29
@dan-klasson: this option requires a vim that was compiled with clipboard support. You can check if this is the case by typing vim --version | grep "+xterm_clipboard". – BenC Nov 28 '13 at 16:07
This seems to work to copy into other non-vim programs, but when I go into insert mode in vim and use "shift + insert" to paste from the clipboard, only the first two lines get pasted... I installed vim-gnome; am I missing something else? – t2k32316 May 12 '14 at 22:09
set guioptions+=a

will, ... uhmm, in short, whenever you select/yank something put it in the clipboard as well (not Vim's, but the global keyboard of the window system). That way you don't have to think about yanking things into a special register.

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Install "xclip" if you haven't...

sudo apt-get install xclip

Xclip puts the data into the "selection/highlighted" clipboard that you middle-click to paste as opposed to "ctrl+v"

While in vim use ex commands:

7w !xclip


1,7w !xclip


%w !xclip

Then just middle-click to paste into any other application...

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If vim is compiled with clipboard support, then you can use "*y meaning: yank visually selected text into register * ('*' is for clipboard)

If there is no clipboard support, I think only other way is to use Ctrl+Insert after visually selecting the text in vim.

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For GVIM, hit v to go into visual mode; select text and hit Ctrl+Insert to copy selection into global clipboard.

From the menu you can see that the shortcut key is "+y i.e. hold Shift key, then press ", then + and then release Shift and press y (cumbersome in comparison to Shift+Insert).

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