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Can someone help on why this is only replacing the '[m]' in the first LI? The rest of them stay as '[m]'

  aData[2] = "<li>1[m]</li><li>2[m]</li><li>3[m]</li>"

  $.html( aData[2].replace('[m]','[media]') )
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Use a regular expression and make it global:

$.html( aData[2].replace(/\[m\]/g,'[media]') )
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Yep.. Here is sample: jsfiddle.net/6nenb –  Samich Feb 6 '12 at 20:51

you need to use a regular expression to replace all in javascript, in this case it would be

$.html( aData[2].replace(/\[m\]/g,'[media]') )
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Yep.. Here is sample: jsfiddle.net/6nenb –  Samich Feb 6 '12 at 20:50
Yeah, yours will not work :). You need to remove quotes on the regular expression to make it regular expression object, not string. Check in jsfiddle I provided. –  Samich Feb 6 '12 at 20:55

Javascripts replace method only replaces the first matched item unless you use a regular expression:


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Use a regular expression literal, /[m]/, instead of letting the string '[m]' get implicitly converted to a regular expression. That way you can add the /g ("replace all") flag:

  $.html( aData[2].replace(/[m]/g,'[media]') )

though I should add that you actually want \[m\] rather than [m], so that you match the literal square-brackets:

  $.html( aData[2].replace(/\[m\]/g,'[media]') )
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You need to make it a global replace.

var mre = new RegExp( "[m]", "g" );

aData[2] = "<li>1[m]</li><li>2[m]</li><li>3[m]</li>";
$.html( aData[2].replace(mre,'[media]') );
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