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I need to figure out a solution to allow only a specific group of users with permission to view a List Item in Editform.aspx. I created a custom form which would allow me to apply conditional formatting for a specific table row. I had used the advance formatting XPATH expression "ddwrt:IfHasRights(16)" which worked with any group that had contribute rights or below, but I also need to exclude other groups like tier 1 - 3, Site Builder, Designer, etc or above "Approval" status. The purpose is to only allow a very selected group of individuals (I created a group called "Approvers") to see the hidden table row.

The current working on MOSS 2007 standard version.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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You can use JQuery and SPServices to examine the group a logged in user belongs to, see my post here which explains the principle. In that case, it hides an element if a user belongs to a particular group.

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