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I need to make a few tweaks to only the following elements

from jquery.ui.autocomplete.css

  • ui-autocomplete
  • ui-menu
  • ui-menu-item

from jquery-ui-theme.css

  • ui-widget
  • ui-widget-content
  • ui-corner-all

Do you recommend I directly make the changes to jquery-ui-theme.css and jquery.ui.autocomplete.css or would you recommend I make my own .css file with the changes to those 6 elements, and then put

<link rel="stylesheet" href ="newstyles.css">

as the LAST item in <head></head>?

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Yup, just do what you suggested. I usually leave alone the original ui files and create a new css to just overwrite those rules. –  elclanrs Feb 6 '12 at 21:30
I'm with @elclanrs on this one. Creating a new stylesheet makes migrating to a new version much easier, since you won't lose your modifications –  Mike Robinson Feb 6 '12 at 21:31

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I find that it's best to leave the 3rd party css files as they are, and then create a second file that overrides those values. Just make sure that you include the files in the correct order so that your changes take effect.

The reason I find myself doing this is so that if I want to upgrade to a newer version that has updated css, I don't have to patch the rules again to achieve the same effect.

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I'd always recommend against editing core files of any framework or theme, just for safety. In your case, I'd definitely make a new sheet with the changes. That way, if you ever need to update, debug, or change your theme, your customizations will remain separate and intact.

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You should create your own css to override whatever it is you wanna override, this will make it easier to upgrade in the future when new versions come along.

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