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this is what I`ve done

I clicked on a project with right button and I`ve selected open in new window. I had 2 windows. First I've closed the primary one, then the new one. After that every time when I run eclipse the project that I've selected to open in new window was the default one. My package explorer every time was in it and I had to click back. I just deleted this project and now I can't navigate in package explorer. It is still set to this project but I can't go back. What can I do ? How can I select the basic package explorer view ?

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Isn't the title a bit extreme ... and non-specific? – demongolem Jun 21 '12 at 12:57
The title isn't extreme. I've experienced this before and it was quite frustrating. I have an answer for it below. – applejack42 Apr 24 '13 at 17:29

There should be an Up one level or a Back button enabled on the Package explorer view toolbar - I am not talking about the main toolbars similar buttons but one just under the view header. These buttons shall allow you to return to the original level with multiple projects visible.

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This is the Up One Level button that Zoltan is referring to:

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The package explorer dialog looks as if you have drilled down into an end node but the dialog is blank and there is no "Up One Level"/"Back Button" to click.


  1. Ensure eclipse is not running
  2. Delete the following file:


  3. Start Eclipse

The workbench.xml file contains settings for the state of the package explorer among other things. I suspect that the package explorer settings get corrupted somehow.

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Works Great :) for future people having this problem this is the correct answer. – Tarek K. Ajaj Sep 11 '13 at 5:46

Top right there is ViewMenu option menu (triangle downside oriented) - try some options there, or click project explorer tab(top left) and try refresh etc. It is hard to see what exactly happened to you.

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In Eclipse, WindowReset Perspective...

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