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In an Oracle ADF web app I have a popup that users access in order to fill out a detail form. The information entry is broken up using a panelaccordion with only two detail items. Panelaccordions I have noticed remember which item was showing when they were last viewed, so if a user cancels the popup with the second detail section open that section will be open when they access the popup a second time.

I want to force the panelaccordion to be showing the first detail section each time the popup is accessed (currently this occurs with a button click). I haven't found any info on pro grammatically setting which section of the accordion is showing, or to simply reset it to it's beginning state.

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set the disclosed property of the showDetailItem to true in a backing bean - similar to how you would do it with tabs: https://blogs.oracle.com/shay/entry/deciding_which_tab_to_show

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