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I am trying to compile a c++ file.

How do you configure gVIM to make/compile files using mingw32-make.exe

I get a shell returned 2 error and No targets specified and no makefile found another thing i have noticed is that it's passing a C:\..\LOCALS~1\TEMP\something.tmp 2>&1 folder to mingw32-make.exe

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On the vim command line:

:set makeprg=c:/path/to/mingw32-make.exe

Once you have it working, put the set command in .vimrc

Edit: Is there a file named Makefile in the current directory? If not, create Makefile in the current directory and have it call your makefile.

For example, if you build your software with mingw32-make project.mak create Makefile with contents something like this:

    mingw32-make project.mak
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I did this already, I just noticed it gives me the same error in command prompt too :S –  fenerlitk Feb 6 '12 at 22:15
I have a makefile in a folder called release and is not in the same folder as my source files. This was a project made with another IDE but can't remember. –  fenerlitk Feb 7 '12 at 14:39

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