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We are pulling page stats for page_stories_by_story_type & page_consumptions_by_consumption_type. I am looking for some confirmation and insight for the below Types.

We believe we have been able to determine a few of these but some we are not sure if they are included or not.

page_stories_by_story_type will return...

  • like a page = fan
  • post on the page wall = user post
  • like a post = user post
  • comment on a post = page post
  • share a post = user post
  • answer a question = question
  • RSVP to a page’s event = ????
  • mention the page in a post = mention
  • tag the page in a photo = mention
  • check in at a place = checkin
  • share a check-in deal = ????
  • like a check-in deal = ????
  • write a recommendation = ?? we do not believe this is included ??


  • Click on Page Name = other
  • Click on Link in the “Status” portion of message = other
  • Click on Link in the “Link” portion of message = link
  • Click on Time Stamp = other
  • Click on App Name = ????other????
  • Click on # of Likes = other
  • Click on Number of Shares = ????other????
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This likes something good to add to as this is something that several people would probably find useful and really should be documented. – Tim Tisdall Aug 4 '12 at 21:52
I have shared this with simoncross from fb see if he can help – dmportella Oct 10 '12 at 18:09

At time of writing, the full list of available story types is:

  • page post
  • tag
  • mention
  • checkin
  • user post
  • deal
  • fan
  • comment
  • purchase
  • paid
  • link
  • question
  • coupon
  • other

The full list of available consumption types is:

  • link clicks
  • other clicks
  • photo view
  • video play
  • other

For each, the mapping should be perfectly clear. Any remaining activities will default to 'other' in both cases.

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