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I want to submit a a bunch of jobs using qsub - the jobs are all very similar. I have a script that has a loop, and in each instance it rewrites over a file and then does qsub . Before the job has had a chance to run, the may have been overwritten by the next instance of the loop. Is another copy of stored while the job is waiting to run? Or do I need to be careful not to change before the job has begun?

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Assuming you're talking about torque, then yes; torque reads in the script at submission time. In fact the submission script need never exist as a file at all; as given as an example in the documentation for torque, you can pipe in commands to qsub (from the docs: cat pbs.cmd | qsub.)

But several other batch systems (SGE/OGE, PBS PRO) use qsub as a queue submission command, so you'll have to tell us what queuing system you're using to be sure.

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Thanks. The cluster uses an SGE scheduler. – miz Feb 6 '12 at 22:26

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