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I have nginx 1.0.8 installed. here is my problem: I have 2 files : file1.js and file2.js. the reguested path is something liket this:


if the requested header : "X-Header" exists and has the value "OK" then the responded content should be file1.js else file2.js

The files are situated in "html/files_dir" and %user% is a set of directories that represents the usernames registered through my service.

How do I configure this in nginx. I'm not interested in php ,asp or similar technologies only if it's possible with nginx.


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map lets you define a variable's value based on another variable. map should be declared at http level (i.e. outside of server):

map $http_x_header $file_suffix {
  default "2";
  OK      "1";

Then the following location should do the trick using your new variable $file_suffix

location ~ ^(/files_dir/.+)\.js$ {
  root html;
  try_files $1$file_suffix.js =404;
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You could do this with nginx very easily. This is example:

location /files_dir/ {

    set $file = file2.js;
    if ( $http_x_header = OK ) {
        set $file = file1.js;
    rewrite ^(/files_dir/.*)/file.js$ $1/$file last;


You could read about HTTP variables in NGINX here , and about nginx rewrite module here

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thanks you're answer was also good but set $file = file2.js; is without "=".. just set $file file2.js; –  Doua Beri Feb 7 '12 at 15:57
I'd recommend reading wiki.nginx.org/IfIsEvil when using ifs in location. –  MyGGaN Mar 6 '13 at 10:05
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