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following are my snapshot please look at it: http://bit.ly/y7U05k or below is the attached image

in this snapshot i have to make the boot control like images when i click image#1 then image#1 show on the upper side UIImageView i also define on the image... image#1 .. image#1000

so please help me what control's should i use, i think i should use UIScrollView but i don't know what is the heigh and width i should take for that because UIScrollView has only game of height and width and also how to define click control on them. please help and i am very thankful if u give me the code but don't mind ..


sample image

I want some slider look like .. i slide the below images

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Yes you will want to use a UIScrollView for this. The width and height will have to be calculated dynamically based off how many images you have and their dimensions.

To perform actions on touches, you will have to either encapsulate each image into a subclass view and handle the touches, or use gesture recognizers.

See this document for more info.

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I would use UIButton for the bottom images and UIImageView for the top view.

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i said those are dynamic images not the static... and i think its very bad practice to initiate 1000 buttons :) –  Appz Venture Feb 7 '12 at 4:13

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