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How would I still allow my change event to happen for my drop down while selecting a default value?

Select value 1 as default, but also have the change function work..

<select id='statsGraphingSelect'>
    <option value='1' selected="selected">1</option>
    <option value='2'>2</option>
    <option value='3'>3</option>
    <option value='4'>4</option>

$("#statsGraphingSelect").change(function() {
    if ($("#statsGraphingSelect option[value='1']").attr('selected')) {//something happens here }
    if ($("#statsGraphingSelect option[value='2']").attr('selected')) {//something happens here }
    if ($("#statsGraphingSelect option[value='3']").attr('selected')) {//something happens here }
    if ($("#statsGraphingSelect option[value='4']").attr('selected')) {//something happens here }
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i dont know what are you trying to achieve, you can try

$("#statsGraphingSelect").change(function() {
var n = $(this).val();
 case '1':
   execute code block 1
 case '2':
   execute code block 2


now with your given markup if you trigger change in the ready handler like


the case 1 will be executed


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That works, thanks. What about initially setting running say case 1 before a user would evoke a change event? –  user1040259 Feb 6 '12 at 23:21
@user1040259 see the answer update –  3nigma Feb 6 '12 at 23:22
@user1040259 again updated the answer with a demo, have a look –  3nigma Feb 6 '12 at 23:37
Got it. Thank you –  user1040259 Feb 6 '12 at 23:37

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