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I have read in a several places (e.g. here) that I can use M-x space to add/remove breakpoints in my python files when debugging with Emacs.

However, when I type M-x space once I have opened pdb on the file, Emacs prompts me with a large autocompletion list, as if I were to type any other M-x command


How can I use M-x space to add or remove breakpoints once I have started a pdb session in Emacs?


The top answer in the thread above says I should invoke the following two lines from pdb to use M-x space to add/remove breakpoints:

import sys

but what is views.py? Is that something specific to Django?

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I think you are mistaken. gud-break is set to C-x SPC (SPC means space). I guess this is just a typo in the linked post.

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